Dissertation, in every possible sense, is a milestone that anyone aspiring to become an academic has to write and get done with some day. But more often than not, students pursuing their masters or doctorates-depending upon the country they are in- forget the little things that mess up the quality of their dissertations. And even after thorough research and great content, their work doesn’t receive the much-deserved appreciation. All because of some small and silly mistakes that sneak in lack of proper attention. The reasons for it could be many, but by getting some dissertation writing help, one could easily make sure that their work doesn’t suffer the same fate as others. Keeping that aim in mind, let us have a look at 4 mistakes that are sabotaging your work, for which you should avoid them at all cost.

Writing Long Abstract

It’s not simple to encapsulate a brilliantly written piece in a few words. With all the work you have done, you deserve every opportunity to share every bit of it, with every possible detail. But that shouldn’t be done when you are preparing the final draft of your dissertation’s abstract. Universities have strict guidelines regarding the style and length of the dissertation abstract that you should follow at all cost. Top dissertation writing services say that in many cases, the abstract should not be longer than a page.

Not giving enough citation

A common misconception that students, and sometimes many professors too, have about plagiarism is that it’s “copied text”. But that’s not all that plagiarism stands for. Plagiarism is also about stealing someone’s idea, data, observations, statements, or any part of their work without citing them properly. Any academic paper that doesn’t give proper and enough citations, doesn’t qualify to be called an academic paper in first place.

Keeping the Content On Surface

Dissertations, if anything, are in-depth in both matter and detail. It will not mean much if you are keeping it superficial. To avoid this mistake from happening, read enough literature related to your topic. Get in touch with your professors, study groups, and academic journals with a high impact score to drill deeper. Getting help from dissertation writing services can also make this humongous task of dissertation writing easier for you.

Insufficient Formatting

Poor formatting has ruined far more academic works than inapt content ever will. Poor formatting includes poor use of punctuation, using wrong text size for wrong sections, improper numbering, indents, inconsistent margins, and uneven spacing. That’s why it becomes important that before you start writing any draft of your final work, you should first consider reading the formatting guidelines of your university. You can also ask your study group to review your document for any formatting related inconsistencies.